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Colors of Death Valley - Corbin Cox 1.jpg

Indie Shorts Magazine

"Colors of Death Valley is beautiful to look at... Use of warm undertones and film grain gives the film a separate charm, evoking nostalgia for vacation memories when one is already underway."

CHOCOLATE cover 2.jpg

Premiere - Chocolate

..."Smith’s romantic side is revealed in this mini love story, shot masterfully with a Chicago vibe and inspired by his time living in the Windy City”

Screen Shot 2022-09-09 at 7.47.45 PM.png

Shoutout LA

"...never wait for anyone to tell you it’s OK to start creating things. Believe in your brain. Believe in your taste. Movement in any direction is progress and the rest will fall perfectly into place."

breaking and entering.jpg

Premiere - The Burial

..."The video, however, elevates the song to the next level, with some striking visuals from Corbin Cox and Los Angeles studio Ohm House."...

voyageLA cover.jpg

Rising Stars

... "Your gift will get you in the room, your character will keep you there. "

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